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Investment Simulator

Using this tool you will be able to determine what would have been the return on a given amount invested in one of the shares presented above during a given period of time. In order to do so, please note the following instructions:

  1. The ammount invested must be expressed in Brazilian reais (R$) for the BVMF3 ON
  2. The initial and final dates of the investment must be expressed as "month/day/year" and must comprehend a minimum period of 31 days. For example: if the initial investment was made in 01/01/2001 the final date must be later than 01/31/2001. The maximum amount that is allowed at the investment value is 1,980,000,000.
  3. This simulator will not consider a fractional number of shares. In other words it will always buy an integer number of shares.
  4. Use dot (.) for decimal separator.
  5. Graphic will take into consideration the day before the negotiation of stocks in case they are not sold on the previously determined date.
  • Important

    The purpose of this “Investment Simulator” is not to validate the actual valuation an investor obtains.

    It was designed to simulate gains from investments in a company’s stock.

    Thus, it converts all income and benefits deriving from ownership of the company’s shares into share fractions based on the share’s closing price on the last trading day prior to the simulation.

    The calculation method is analogous to that widely used in the market for calculating the adjusted share price.

  • As this is only a simulator, the share closing price is adopted as the opening price on the start day. This may frequently lead to deviations between what the simulation tool considers as the number of shares and value invested, and the effective number and prices of shares purchased by the investor.